Dr. Patricia Hunter

Dr. Patricia Hunter


Active Understanding

I'm Dr Patricia Hunter and I am a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, and psychological consultant. I have a full time practice in New York City, where I see adolescents and adults, individually as well as in groups.  Although I work with a variety of psychological issues, I devote special attention to helping people resolve and transform traumatic situations, both catastrophic as well as cumulative (like having an unstable parent). . Learn More

Beyond TraumaDiscovering JoyAdmiring Age

“While many of us work hard to earn the right to be comfortable and avoid challenge in later adulthood, this strategy runs the risk of sending our brains the message that they no longer need to keep growing this is the worst message you can give to an organ of adaptation.”

– Colarusso
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Admiring Age

"When individuals reach old age, the aging stereotypes internalized in childhood, and then reinforced for decades, become self stereotypes that contribute to unnecessary and tragic emotional and cognitive decline." Becca Levy

People can get down on themselves for getting older, or get paranoid and begin imagining everyone else is looking down on them.
I like to think that people who are not older are ignorant, not ageist, and products of a death denying culture that
doesn't want to grow up. Research shows that people who put themselves down about getting older are at greater risk of
losing their minds, and becoming depressed and less coherent. Depression makes our minds and bodies sluggish. Loneliness
is depressing; feeling like nobody gives a whatever is also depressing. So if forming a therapy relationship feels like a place where you might begin to start feeling better and more connected again, please don't hesitate to reach out.